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UST Tubeless rims (channel without holes)

Since 2021 RaceFactory is the only European manufacturer to switch to 100% UST (Universal Standard for Tubeless) rims without holes in the rim, both for the MTB and BDC sectors. The reasons are very clear: they are superior in everything to the classic drilled "Tubeless Ready".

In traditional "Tubeless Ready" drilled rims, to make the rim truly tubeless, the special tape must be applied in the rim channel to seal the holes.

EWBT Series Tubeless UST

In "UST" rims (tubeless without holes) there are no holes in the rim channel. The only hole present is the one for the inflation valve. The assembly of this version is much more time-consuming and laborious, because the nipples must be inserted into the rim one at a time and brought into position for assembly.

The tacking of the wheel is slower, the pre-tensioning of the spokes can only be done externally, with the spoke wrenches, and screwdrivers cannot be used . That's why there is an assembly surcharge.

The difficulties stop there, and they are only for the assembly.

Our SWBT and AeroPluse™ series with UST channel have several advantages over the classic drilled "Tubeless Ready".

1) Less maintenance : The most obvious advantage is the absence of tubeless tape, and related problems of sealing and maintenance of tape or inserts in the long run.


2) It is lighter : Since a UST is already airtight without the need for tape or inserts, the total weight is significantly less than a drilled "Tubeless Ready" + tape, and the advantage of the UST increases depending on the type of tape you are dealing with. The tape provides no resistance, the absence of the holes does .


3) Fewer problems : If a spoke breaks, the nipple can re-enter the rim, and in the case of a punctured "Tubeless Ready" it easily punctures the tubeless tape and goes flat immediately. Race over. Which is impossible with the FSOs.


4) It is more resistant : the holes damage the laminates on the rim channel "Tubeless Ready" drilled and therefore make the rim more brittle.


5) It is more torsionally stiff : The hole on the channel "Tubeless Ready" interrupts the carbon fibers thus making the rim more supple. Furthermore, in the perforated "Tubeless Ready" rim, the crossing angles of the UD carbon skins in the channel are only a compromise between optimal resistance and the target of interrupting as few carbon fibers as possible.
With the USTs without RaceFactory holes, the angles of the skins are those that effectively indicate the efforts predicted to FEM during the design phase, given that we design our rims ourselves.
In the case of our rims, torsional stiffness is obviously amplified by our 4.0 and 4.2mm SWBT Enduro beads.


6) No to nipple corrosion : With only the valve hole on the entire rim, it is much more difficult for latex to seep into the channel following the degradation of the tubeless tape and consequent risk of nipple corrosion.


7) Easier maintenance : In the event of a spoke break, maintenance is easier than a Tubeless Ready.
Often the spoke leaves an abutment attached to the nipple and this abutment is ferromagnetic. The UST rim inside is smooth and you just use any magnet and you pull the spoke towards the nipple hole; in a FSO it flows in a very simple way.
You can also move the tire without removing it and removing the valve; the nipple is removed from the hole and the same procedure is repeated.
Definitely faster than a "Tubeless Ready" which forces you to take off the tire to remove the tape; the nipple slides much more difficult in a "Tubeless Ready" circle (it jams in the holes and in the adhesive of the tape).


RaceFactory ™️ it is also the only wheel manufacturer in Europe to assemble UST closed rims with UHDPE Berd spokes, offering the maximum of the two technologies and maximum lightness.

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