New Ceramics!

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New AeroPulse™ Road rims

When it comes to road wheels, aerodynamics usually comes first. But there are other equally important features to consider. Computational Fluid Dynamics rims AeroPulse

When it comes to tall profiles like our new AeroPluse™ 50mm one is crosswind sensitivity, the other is weight. For the development of our road series, our team dedicated several hours of development with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software both for pure aerodynamics and for reducing sensitivity to crosswinds as much as possible.

The sectional shape is teardrop, achieved by developing five different profiles based on the results of the CFD software, up to the optimum in terms of penetration resistance and reduction in sensitivity to lateral winds.

In particular, the profile is designed to have maximum penetration, but to start stalling when the wind comes from the side with a very progressive and gentle stall as the angle of attack increases. This greatly improves driving and makes driving practically insensitive to side winds.

Also for this reason, despite having 3D printers, we have not adopted composite surfaces with particular processing (drafts or sculpting), which are found on some high-end products.

Aerodynamically these are defined as "turbulators"; for example they are often found on aircraft wings and in F1.

They serve to influence the boundary layer (which is the layer of air closest to the profile surface) and improve its lift, at the expense of a small increase in drag .
However, this type of surface finish has a decidedly negligible influence on the boundary layer created by a moving circle, because the fluid threads do not have a homogeneous direction as in the case of an aircraft wing.
Furthermore, a rim/wheel assembly in motion has such a high and turbulent boundary layer thickness that to have any effect, the grooves and machining of the surface should have a considerable thickness, well over the few tenths of a millimeter of some rims that are seen on the market . It's great marketing, but technically the effects are negligible; as you have understood, we pay attention to the point and adopt solutions that really bring benefits to the user.
Having to dedicate a considerable investment to the new series of AeroPluilse™ molds dedicated to the road sector, we have not compromised, not only in terms of materials (AISI 316 stainless steel, instead of "disposable" composite ) but also in terms of product application flexibility. For this we have 3 types of channel and heel available:
  • 22.5mm hookless
  • 21.0mm J-beads
  • 28.5mm tubular
As with all our rims, the AeroPulse™ series are also UST tubeless without holes , for the considerable advantages this construction makes compared to the classic "Tubeless Ready".

The rim is asymmetrical, and the asymmetry value is higher than the vast majority of road rims currently on the market.
We have pushed this value to the maximum to balance the tension between the left and right spokes as much as possible, to the full advantage of the dynamic behavior of the wheels and driving pleasure and precision.

The finish is unidirectional, without any painting (on request we can also supply 3KTwill). As with our SWBT series MTB, we use special high TG resins that don't need paint. RaceFactory is among very few wheel manufacturers that does not immediately use paint for its rims. The impact is not only ecological.
The rim surface is much harder than the traditional painted rims typical of many manufacturers.
The painstaking lamination work and the beauty of the unidirectional composite should not be covered with varnish; there aren't any flaws to hide.
The AeroPulse™ series are also available with Carbon T800 spokes with sub 1100g weights for the 50mm profiles , and together with the 66 engagement of our Road Titanium hubs they allow blistering acceleration.
Good fun!

Innovation, not imitation.